Our Calibration services

Calibration services are essential for exact characterization of scanners and monitors.

To be fully confident in the accuracy of the image that you see and print, it is vital to ensure that the monitor is colour-correct and gives an accurate representation of the image. Our calibration services offer an exact ‘PhotoProof’™’ for your monitor or printer, which will give you confidently correct display colours, taking into account your individual surroundings and requirements.

Your monitor is evaluated using our patented MonitorMaestro™ software, and a high specification monitor profile is built. This is rigorously tested until you are happy with the calibration.
Printer calibration is carried out on-site.

Our trained staff will evaluate and assess your printer, ink and paper combination, your colour workflow and requirements to create a series of ‘Master Profiles’ from Web use to ‘Photoproof™’ prints. Each profile is tested to your satisfaction. Our colour consultant will also train your staff on how to get the best out of the printer and answer any queries.

Digital Fabric: Spectral Art™

We’re really excited to add our Digital Fabric Print Service to our mainline services. After doing some exciting custom pieces, we’re ready to take the leap to the creative new opportunities they offer as part of our standard services.

With a gorgeous range of fibres – from pure silks and cottons, to heavier linen and bamboo, it’s opening the way to creating innovative and beautiful results in your artwork. We can’t wait to see how you will be using it!

Find out more about it here to ask any questions!

What Services we offer

Iconoclast Images offers several services, including scanning, digital printing, calibration, consultancy, seminars, image archiving, library hosting, and third party products such as monitors, calibration equipment, and viewing booths. Additional third party products will be introduced as more manufacturers become aware of how our services compliment their products.

We specialise in the niche market – providing scanning for professional photographers who submit to these agencies. Despite the developing movement towards digital photography, there still exists a high demand for film amongst professional photographers. Subsequently there is an enormous demand for high-end scanning amongst professional photographers, who need to meet the exacting standards of picture libraries.

Sharing Art through our Work

We want to make Art more shareable, enjoyable, accessible to a wider audience at Iconoclast Images

– so everyone can enjoy and appreciate what you are portraying in your artwork. In the same way that you enjoy a dvd or cd of a performance, we want to make it enjoyable and accessible and at all levels, from postcard to a life-size canvas.

The Human Eye as a tool

Over the years we’ve researched and found that the human eye is the most specialised and sensitive tool – we can pick up tiny, microscopic changes in light and colour that a measuring device wouldn’t. And it can make a huge impact on what we see – it can transform something from being drab and lifeless, to making it come alive.

So when we work, we don’t just look at creating a representation of your artwork– but how can we grasp the essence of your art – this symphony of light and colour that you experience and observe with the master – how can we share this with others?

 Fine Art Reproduction and Printing

The UK’s art market is second only to the US in the world, and the print industry is the fifth largest manufacturing sector in the UK. Despite the countless billions that are invested by the leading organisations in the industry, they have been unable to move beyond the basic technology developed years ago.

However, with over 30 years’ of combined experience, we have developed something truly exceptional – the first time anyone in the industry will ever have seen anything like it, and will transform the way the industry and the market will view visual arts for decades to come.

Our work gives life to the individual moment in which an artwork is created, allowing the audience to go back in time with the Art Master. The audience can see the masterpiece being created brushstroke by brushstroke – through a symphony of light and colour across the canvas, revealing a timeless object of immense grace and beauty.