Art and the photography market

There are over 20,000 professional photographers in the UK. Of these, 1,000 occupy a niche at the top end of the market, who may invest in high quality image production with the use of large format film and extremely high definition digital equipment. This is a key market for the company as these formats make the best use of their technological expertise and knowledge, and gives them the opportunity to shine against other providers.

The next 4,500 are high-end and the remainder form a spectrum between medium and high- end. Many of these are semi-professionals who may work as freelance photographers and submit their images to larger photographic archives and libraries such as Alamy, Getty and other subject specific organisations.

Increasingly, due to decreasing image quality requirements many photographers in this sector turn to medium-to-high end digital equipment, moving away from traditional film formats. However at Iconclast Images, we adapt our services to retain this sector in our customer base, by creating unique services for digitally produced images.

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