Our Calibration services

Calibration services are essential for exact characterization of scanners and monitors.

To be fully confident in the accuracy of the image that you see and print, it is vital to ensure that the monitor is colour-correct and gives an accurate representation of the image. Our calibration services offer an exact ‘PhotoProof’™’ for your monitor or printer, which will give you confidently correct display colours, taking into account your individual surroundings and requirements.

Your monitor is evaluated using our patented MonitorMaestro™ software, and a high specification monitor profile is built. This is rigorously tested until you are happy with the calibration.
Printer calibration is carried out on-site.

Our trained staff will evaluate and assess your printer, ink and paper combination, your colour workflow and requirements to create a series of ‘Master Profiles’ from Web use to ‘Photoproof™’ prints. Each profile is tested to your satisfaction. Our colour consultant will also train your staff on how to get the best out of the printer and answer any queries.

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