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Digital Fabric: Spectral Art

Digital fabrics and metals give an innovative and beautiful new dimension to your artwork. We specialise in working with a wide selection of luxurious natural and manmade fabrics, specially treated for our Spectral Art™ process.

How Fabrics prints are produced:

As with our main Spectral Art Print™ process, each artwork is first carefully assessed in collaboration with the chosen material. Each artwork undergoes a rigorous preperatory process to ensure colours are rich, vivid and lifelike, and consistent with the original source. Fabrics can then be handled in a similar way to Fine Art Canvases and other materials – they can be stretched, framed and rolled. Metals are produced as sheets and can be framed or mounted onto board.

What Fabrics can you use?

We work with a range of natural and manmade fabrics – including cotton, silk, bamboo, linen and polyester. These are available in a range of weights and finishes – from delicate, translucent organzas to lustrous silks and satins, as well as heavier weight textured cotton and linens.

We can also create bespoke treated materials – custom-finished for your artwork and limited only by your imagination! Please contact us for a complimentary consultation on Bespoke Solutions.

How can these fabrics be used?

Our Digital Fabric results are ideal for creating innovative artwork reproductions. while they are currently not designed for  apparel use – they can used as such provided they are dry cleaned – currently our process does not include water resistant results.

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