Spectral Art Print™ Technology

In a competitive market – it’s important to make your work stand out. With ‘Giclee’ and inkjet prints becoming so common-place, we found our clients wanted to give customers something exceptional – so our Spectral Art™ technology was developed to meet this demand.

Spectral Art Print™ Technology

Our innovative Spectral Print™ Art Results are treasured as an investment, not a throwaway. The Spectral Art Print™ Result is unique – because it doesn’t just give a superficial ‘glimpse’ – it reflects the artistic creation and inspiration within the original.

We create rich, vibrant and multi dimensional results that give life to your artwork, capturing the true experience of the original, and adding value and longevity to your art.

  • • No minimum order – affordable and practical
  • • Tailored to suit your project vision and budget
  • • Try from our ever-expanding range of premium materials: from organic bamboo to metal plate, as well as a wide choice of watercolour and canvas materials
  • • Optional Edition Print Service – Master files of your artwork can be retained on our archives to call Edition Prints as and when you require

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