Photographic Digitisation

Bring history back to life by transforming slides and negatives into incredible digital images.

Our skilled team is adept with even the most challenging and fragile of formats – from vintage glass plates to black and white negatives, colour slides to 10″ x 8″ sheets. Images are processed and digitised using state of the art drum scanning technology – for vibrant and high definition capture from your originals.

Ideal for restoration and archival images – recover the full depth and dimension of film images through High Definition Capture, using ISO certified capture and colour management technology.

  • • Restore damaged images – even badly scratched or torn materials can be be revived with our expert, individually done Restoration services
  • • Custom Restoration Lab to ensure your treasured originals are handled and stored safely
  • • Ideal for personal and professional projects – from digital slide-shows to portfolios and prints
  • • Images can be captured for digital archives, portfolio use and fine art print results – ideal with the Spectral Print service.

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