About Spectral Art™ Printing

Spectral Art™ is produced using our proprietary system of Colour Capture – using the best in film and digital photography, colour management and image analysis.

We assess each artwork to build a digital master model of the original – looking in detail at the original form, media and creation – to replicate the ‘human’ experience - if you were to see your work in your studio or gallery, for example.

From this model – we can then produce a Spectral Reproduction™ onto your chosen art medium – and create a look that reflects your original. Each result is produced using innovative Pigment Technology - depositing pure pigment onto an archival prepared base layer by layer – to construct a vivid and multi-dimensional result.

Plus – you can even give your customer the Spectral Art™ experience on a digital screen - from a digital frame or iPad, to a cinema display screen! It’s the best way to share the experience of your artwork. 

Work with us one-to-one to produce your image to the level you want. Customise your service with a wide choice of specialist materials – from art papers, fabrics and canvases, to specially coated plastics, metals and fibres. You can meet with our team and talk through your requirements and ideas, to create a tailor-made package that meets your needs and budget exactly.

There is no minimum order requirement and we can hold archives of images for future use – ideal when producing edition prints over a period of time.

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