Artwork Reproduction – FAQ

  • Can you reproduce any work – regardless of material or size?

We’ve worked with traditional and non-traditional formats – from watercolours, pastels and oils to more challenging mixed-media projects. Whatever your chosen media, our job is to tailor our process to capture the life and essence of your original work, and that is what we will do.

Our current studios can house originals of up to 5ft in height and width – for larger pieces, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • What options do you offer?

Our bespoke Spectral Analysis™ Capture technology can be tailored from an entry-level option to in-depth Detail Views that bring to life every brushstroke on the surface. This option is especially ideal for conservation and archival uses.

To build a package that suits your requirements and budget – have a chat with us and we will be happy to go through different options with you.

  • What is Spectral Analysis™ Technology?

Spectral Analysis™ Technology is our bespoke Digital Imaging technology for Artwork and Photographic digitisation. It refers to our custom analysis process of the original medium and works by gathering data of the different elements and composition of the original work – from the fibres of a watercolour paper or the weave of a canvas, to the light-reflecting qualities of different artistic media. This analysis process is then put together to create a unique view of your original – that takes into account all the different elements that have been put into it, and reflecting back in the Digital or Print Representation of your work.

Spectral Analysis™ Technology thus allows you to create a life-like, perceptual experience of your original work – as if you are seeing your masterpiece in the flesh, wherever you are, or how you might be viewing it.

  • How can I bring my work to your studios?

We are based within the centre of Gloucestershire with our primary studios in Cheltenham – close to the M5 and rail links. You can visit our studios directly. We also recommend using a secure courier service, and can arrange a collection and delivery of originals for you if required. Please take care and caution to ensure all originals are packed securely in transit – please note most couriers do not provide insurance for glass-covered work, so ideally glass should be removed.

  • How long does it take?

This depends on the size of the work and the level of output required. If several works are to be captured, they will often be done in the same run to make sure all your works have a consistent output. Please ask us for an initial consultation and we can give you a rough idea.

  • I don’t want to transport my work – can you do it here?

We can offer on-site services anywhere in the country. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a package to meet your needs.

  • How secure are the image files?

Security of our clients’ imagery is an utmost priority for us. Digital files are kept on secure archives only with your express permission – otherwise they are removed after delivery. Sample print materials are destroyed securely. Your files are never distributed or shared with any third party organisation. We do not assume copyright – it remains with the original party throughout the process.

  • Who do you offer your services to?

Reproduction services are available on a custom one-off basis and can be tailored to meet volume packages – it is for anyone looking for an authentic representation of an original artwork for print or digital use - from the individual artist, to commercial publishers and galleries and archival organisations.

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