Our Team

Our Software Research & Development team is second to none, and have worked extensively in a broad range of fields to develop cutting edge technological solutions. With a core background in Information Technology, Mathematics and Physics, we take a unique approach to problem solving and have completed successful projects for clients across the world.

Our latest project has involved 12 years of development work, resulting an outstanding level of imaging and art technology. This result is set to transform the imaging industry upon its release, and with the industry being one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

Reproductions in the Art Sector

Currently in the arts sectors, the use of digital imaging is widespread in a range of applications, from publishing and advertising usage through picture libraries specialising in well known art images, to the production of mass-produced artwork reproductions, often known as ‘Giclée prints’. The wide prevalence and increased affordability of desktop publishing and print solutions has meant that the market has become oversaturated in low to medium end reproduction work, and art organisations have looked for alternatives to distinguish and add value to their collections.

At Iconoclast Images, we work to provide a niche service in the areas of high-end artwork archiving for reproduction, analysis and conservation purposes.

Our Drum Scanning Services

State-of-the-art drum scanning with 100% reproduction of transparencies and negative and photographic prints.

Our drum scanning service provides the highest standard of quality for the most demanding professional archives, to ensure that your images are preserved forever. We can reproduce any transparency from any brand of film. We use the ICG range of drum scanners, renowned to be the best drum scanner on the market. At Iconoclast Images our drum scans ensure 100% precision and accuracy, extracting the maximum amount of colour information from any original, to give you an exact reproduction of the original image within the tolerance of the scanner.

What Is ICC profiling?

The key to understanding the Maestro suite is a process known as ICC Profiling, a relatively young feature of digital colour management. ICC stands for International Color Consortium. ICC Profiles map the behaviour of devices (scanners, digital cameras, computer monitors, printers) used in the pre-press and publishing world. A computer’s colour management system then uses the profiles to moderate the transmission of digital data between devices and to produce consistency and predictability across the board.

ICC Profiling is slowly gaining acceptance among professionals, but is hampered by complexity. ICC-compliant applications currently on the market take a theoretical approach to colour that is alien to the wit and understanding of traditional practitioners of the industry for which is was designed.

In a typical colour workflow system, input devices range from digital cameras to scanners, output devices from four-colour process proofers and printing presses to the worldwide web and the Internet. In between sits a computer with its monitor display, operating system and software applications. Once all these displays and devices have been profiled, digital colour management is transparent and automatic to all users, wherever they may be in the colour publishing process.

In the background, the processes are complicated by other standards. For example, the output of scanners and the display of a colour monitor conform to the RGB Colour Space model (Red, Green, Blue). Printers and proofers utilise a four-colour process, which uses another Colour Space called CMYK corresponding to the ink colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These standards can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

 Fine Art Reproduction and Printing

The UK’s art market is second only to the US in the world, and the print industry is the fifth largest manufacturing sector in the UK. Despite the countless billions that are invested by the leading organisations in the industry, they have been unable to move beyond the basic technology developed years ago.

However, with over 30 years’ of combined experience, we have developed something truly exceptional – the first time anyone in the industry will ever have seen anything like it, and will transform the way the industry and the market will view visual arts for decades to come.

Our work gives life to the individual moment in which an artwork is created, allowing the audience to go back in time with the Art Master. The audience can see the masterpiece being created brushstroke by brushstroke – through a symphony of light and colour across the canvas, revealing a timeless object of immense grace and beauty.

At Iconoclast Images

Iconoclast Images is committed to researching and developing with artists and major institutions to analyse and recognise Art as Art – to look at how we can make art more accessible, shareable and enjoyable as works of Art – not as prints but as works of Art in themselves.

We believe only as an artist can you view art through the mind set of an artist and we are passionate about it.

Our Aim through our work

Our aim is to give life to the individual moment the artwork is created allowing the audience to go back in time to the Art Master. The audience can see the masterpiece being created brush-stroke by brush-stoke through a Symphony of Light and Colour revealing a timeless object of immense grace and beauty to covet and to treasure.

What we want to do is to promote the importance and value of the artist, their work and their thoughts, their vision and passion for All and to All.

Our technology

Our technology is a bespoke and proprietary set up – which gives us the ability to produce a very precise examination of the subject – within a micron. It gives us the ability to follow the transparency into its structure and depth – and see what the photographer was observing and expressing when capturing the image – to present this vision of a symphony of light and colour – to view the artwork as a work of art in itself, not just a representation.
Capturing the dimensions of the artwork, and retaining it through all levels on offer.

The Benefits we offer our clients

By providing high quality and cost efficient solutions in scanning, calibration and colour management, our customers gain significant market advantages over their competitors:
• Our quick turnaround results in increased productivity for our clients, saving them valuable resources and time.
• Clients have the reassurance of consistently first-rate results each time.
• High quality images maximises their potential for both photographers submitting to agencies, and libraries marketing their images to other organisations.
• Clean and exact reproductions of our scanned or digitally printed images protect image archives in case of potential loss of originals.
• Confidence to the photographers that their images will be accepted by photo libraries.